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NETGEAR EX3700-100UKS Review

A compact but powerful device that is great for homeowners with limited tech knowledge
February 10, 2021
Daniel Derrick

Our Verdict

A compact, high-performance wifi extender that can deliver fast speeds to areas of your home that your existing router can't reach.


Dual-band Wifi

Fast Wifi Speeds

Supports 2G & 5G bands


Limited colour options

Requires separate SSID

Takes up another plug socket

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NETGEAR has always been at the forefront of both consumer and business grade wifi routers whether you're looking for a device that can deliver super fast wifi speeds for gaming or a device that can deliver a wifi signal to reach every corner of your home.

If your home is large, has thick brick walls or a poor performing router, you’ll quickly notice that your existing wireless router isn’t powerful enough to give you a strong signal in the places you really need it in return creating dead zones in your home. This means you either have to move your router or be forever restricted to certain locations in your home where the existing signal reaches.

We've all been there where your wifi signal constantly drops halfway through watching a Netflix movie or while searching your favourite websites and yet we continue to put up with this awful experience.

Luckily enough, NETGEAR has designed a plug and play wifi extender that is both powerful and consumer friendly so you won't need to hire anyone to get it setup.

The Design

NETGEAR EX3700 Ethernet Port on right side
© TechTekk

Lets first talk about the NETGEAR EX3700-100UKS design. This device is one of the most compact wifi range extenders out there on the market. The device comes with two external antennas that can be adjusted to point the signal in any direction.

If you have an older device that isn't wifi compatible then the EX3700 will still work for you. On the side of the extender is a nifty Ethernet port allowing you to connect directly to your PC via an ethernet cable.

The extender plugs into a standard three pin plug and the design is elegant enough that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.


The performance of this compact device is outstanding compared to other devices on the market. The extender offers dual-band wifi offering up to 750 megabits per second (Mbps) and with the UK average offering 64 Mpbs internet speeds this device will stay in date for years to come.

The device also offers dual bands on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz enabling it to be compatible with new 802.11ac & b/g/n WiFi devices. In simple terms this is both new and old devices meaning every device you own will be able to connect to the extender.

NETGEAR has also developed a technology called FastLane™ that can prioritise one super high-speed connection which is perfect for HD streaming or gaming where high speed are required.

Final Verdict

The NETGEAR EX3700-100UKS Dual Band Wifi Range Extender is an awesome compact device that allows you to quickly extend your existing wifi connection without the need of professional support.

So should you Avoid it, Consider it, Shortlist it or go ahead and Buy it.

Well, we reckon you should go ahead and buy it, if you're in the market for an extender then you defiantly won't be disappointed with its compact design and powerful performance.

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