Pitaka aramid iPhone case review

The Aramid case from Pitaka is a thin, lightweight and sleek case that really compliments your iPhone.

The iPhone case is made from a super Aramid fiber that is said to be a bullet proof material which withstands drops and everyday general use. The case comes in at only 0.03 inch thick and weighs only 0.42 ounces making this the slimmest and lightest case we have ever seen.

We have the Black and red addition however it does come in a range of colours and works with both iPhone 6/6s and plus models. The case had a super smooth surface that has had a 3D silky touch technology applied and makes it the best feeling case we have ever touched.

The case feels great in your hands however due to the 3D silky touch grip isn’t the greatest on the iPhone 6/6s plus when you’re holding it with one hand. Thankfully the case is made from bullet proof material which will protect your iPhone if you do ever drop it.

The case doesn’t have any metal properties so there is no interference with Wifi or GPS signals which also means no interference with wireless charging. The style of the case is an open button and port layout which allows great accessibility and compatibility with third-party charging cables and docks. Which is excellent as this is a common issue with most cases these days.

You may notice that there are no logos or branding on the outside of the case. This is because Pitaka take great care in the beauty of their products and they don’t want the beauty of the case being obstructed. Big Thumbs up there to Pitaka.

If you are looking for a Slim and classy iPhone case then the Aramid case selection is the one for you.

Daniel Derrick

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