The Worlds Slimmest VR Phone Case

The Mrad is the world’s slimmest VR phone case coming in at just 10.9mm thick. The case is currently only available for the iPhone 6/6s which is a little disappointing but does offer a slim and sleek design which is perfect to carry around with you.

The case has a very high quality feel to it and is made from a soft plastic which feels very nice in your hands while using the phone and Setting it up with the iPhone 6 or 6sis rather easy

Step 1: Slide your iPhone into the case with the volume and mute button facing down and gently push down on your phone to snap it in place.

Step 2: Hold your iPhone in landscape mode and pull the two switches on the back of the case down until the eye viewer pops out in front of the phone screen.

Once you have done this you are now ready to start your VR experience. If you are looking to find some cool and exciting VR apps then check out the links below.

Download our Top 5 IOS VR apps.
Download Rollercoaster VR
Download Insidious VR
Download Jurassic VR
Download London VR
Download Google Cardboard

Using the Mrad phone case is pretty simple, firstly load up your VR app. Our favourite is the Rollercoaster VR app.

Next simply place the eyepiece up to your face and your VR experience begins. The case does a pretty good job at getting you immersed however due to the sides being open it’s not fully impressive as a headset.

Overall the case is pretty fun to use and perfect for when you want to dive into some VR experience when you’re out and about. The case also provides great protection for your phone and would be perfect for a present or for yourself.

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