Spigen Kuel AP12T Review

The Spigen Kuel car mount comes with one-touch technology that easily locks your phone in place with its easy lock & release motion, this allows you to place and remove your phone with ease. The mount sticks to your dashboard using an adhesive gel pad and comes with a convenient adjustable arm to ensure you have your smartphone positioned in the perfect place which makes it safer to keep your eye on the road.

The device is compatible with all devices up to 3.5” which is perfect if you share a car as everyone will be able to use it. Rotating your smartphone is made super easy with its 360 degrees one touch ball that allows changing from portrait to landscape super quick and easy. The design and feel of the mount is very sleek and complements any dashboard making it look like it’s part of the car.

Daniel Derrick

UX Consultant & Digital Designer | Consumer Technology Reviewer | Youtube Content Creator

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