Netgear EX3700-100UKS review

The Netgear EX3700-100UKS Dual Band Wifi Range Extender is perfect if you live in a building with thick walls as you’ll quickly notice that your wireless router isn’t powerful enough to give you a strong signal around the whole building and it is extremely annoying when your signal drops half way through watching a youtube video or searching your favorite websites however if you do experience this then Netgear has you covered.

The Netgear Dual Band Wifi Range Extender comes with dual band wifi offering up to 750 mega bit per second (mbps) both on 2g and 5g connections this means you older devices can connect to the 2g signal while your new devices can connect to the faster 5g signals.

The device comes with two external antennas which offers a better performance and also allows you to angle them to pick up the strongest signal on the side of the device is a ethernet port allowing you to connect either an ethernet hub giving you more ports or just a single ethernet cable to ensure the strongest signal is reached it’s best to position the extender on the edge of the original wifi signal, so it can beam a strong signal to the rest of the building.

The best thing about the Netgear Dual Band Wifi Range Extender, is you can simply pick it up and move it anywhere around the house where there is a power outlet and due to it’s small and compact design it doesn’t take up much room.

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