How can you support TechTekk?

We want to share with you four ways you can help support TechTekk grow to the next level along with making it possible for TechTekk to continue to help thousands of people every day find and purchase the right tech products.

Before we start we would like to say a huge thank you to anyone already doing any of the thing four we mention or anything else we don’t as it really is appreciated and with that being said let’s jump straight into number 1.

At Number 1 – Watching, Liking, Commenting or Sharing

This is the most obvious but easiest way you can help support the channel. This allows us to understand which tech products you are interested in, every comment allows us to put a face to a view along with making it possible for us to engage and help you with any tech related questions and every share allows us to reach new people and help them purchase the right tech products.

At Number 2 – Subscribing

This is something that is a very important part in helping grow the channel to the next level. The more subscribers the channel receives the more opportunities become available making it possible to open up new doors to work with bigger tech brands, gain access to exclusive technology along with having a much bigger social impact. At the current moment only 2% of our views are coming from subscribers so if you’re not yet a subscriber then please do Subscribe.

At Number 3 – Affiliate Links

Purchasing products through the affiliate links give us a small commission fee at no extra cost to you. So how does this work?

Let’s create two scenarios;

Scenario 1: Let’s say you go direct to amazon and purchase something for £10. You pay £10 to amazon and in return, you receive your product a few days later.

Scenario 2: Let’s take the same situation but this time you clicked one of techtekks affiliate links. This time you would do exactly the same thing pay £10 to amazon and a few days later you receive your products, but once your item has been shipped amazon will then pay techtekk a commission of around 3% (If it’s tech) which is about £0.30p to say thanks for referring you to their website.

Of course, 3% is a very small fee but every person who does purchase through the links makes it possible for us to purchase new tech to review along with making it possible upgrade filming equipment to create better videos with.

If you want to be super supportive you can also bookmark the affiliate link to ensure you give us a commission fee each time your purchase on your favourite tech sites.

At Number 4 – Patreon

Patreon is the 4th and final way that you can help support the channel, this is something that we have recently been introduced to and wanted to try it out. Pateron is a place that allows you to receive exclusive rewards and access to exclusive content based on the pledge you make. We have set certain goals that we’d like to achieve and each time that goal is achieved it will unlock new things.

If you’d like to know more information about Patreon I have a dedicated video over on the TechTekks Patreon page that will let you understand it in more detail so do check out that out.

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