Best Tech Under £50 in December 2016

We have put together a list of the best top 5 technology to buy under £50 great for anyone struggling to find that perfect Christmas gift.
amazon echo black

1. Amazon Echo Dot

Perfect addition to any home

Weight: 558g | Compatability: Up to 5.5″ | Colours: Black or White

The Amazon Echo Dot is truly the start of something amazing and is 100% guaranteed to be something that will change how we work in our homes meaning we’ll google less and just simply request an AI to do the work for us

The Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and much much more.

The device comes with 7 built-in microphones making it possible for Alexa to hear your voice over background noise and music making the device work perfectly while around your home. It also comes with a built in speaker which is ideal for casual music listening however if you do wish pump some music out at a party you can get Alexa to connect to a Bluetooth speaker or you can manually use an AUX cable.

Requesting information from Alexa is super easy, by simply saying “Alexa What will the weather be like tomorrow” she’ll be able to give you the answer within seconds.

vr box headset

2. VR Box Virtual reality headset

Compatible with all smartphones up to 5.5″

Weight: 558g | Compatability: Up to 5.5″

The VR Box Virtual reality headset is one of the best smartphone VR headsets out there, the headset is a perfect VR gift for anyone looking to try out VR before spending lots of money on something like the Playstation VR.

The headset is great for all smartphone sizes up to 5.5″ and can fit devices like the iPhone 7 Plus super easy and snug. There is a range of VR apps that can be downloaded for FREE which is why it makes it onto our 2nd best gift to buy. – Buy on Amazon

Read the full review: VR Box Review

iWownfit fitness tracker

3. iWownfit Fitness Tracker

Widely compatible with both IOS 8.0+ & android 4.4+

Weight: 23g | Screen: 0.73″ OLED Touchscreen

The iwownfit fitness tracker for iPhone and android devices comes with a pedometer, calories record, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, date and time sync, notifications, Remote camera control and find Phone function. Now unlike many fitness trackers out there, the iwownfit is a very comfortable and hassle free device that allows you to wear it both in the day and night while you sleep.

The device has a nice LARGE 0.73″ OLED TouchScreen which allows you to quickly and easily view the data on your wrist which is perfect for anyone.

The iwownfit also comes with its very own app that allows you to download all the data to it and if you’re using iOS then you can also integrate it with the health app which is much better as the iwownfit iOS app could do with some updating.

The device has proven to show very accurate data readings when tested against the Fitbit Charge HR which is one of the leading fitness brands.

spigen bluetooth speaker

4. Spigen Bluetooth Speaker

Light-weight, long bluetooth range and crystal clear sound quality

Weight: 254g | Range: Up to 30 feet

The Spigen Bluetooth Speaker offers a crystal clear sound quality which is backed up through a 5W system. The speaker isn’t super loud however is perfect for casual music listening and is compatible with all devices. The devices comes ready with Bluetooth 4.0 technology making it super easy to connect and listen to music.

The speaker is made from a high-quality metal and built in is the option to use an AUX output allowing you to connect it to any PC or laptop if you wish.

The best thing about the Spigen speaker is the awesome hidden buttons that allow you to change the track, pause and play and turn off the device. These buttons are hidden underneath and by pressing on the front at the right direction will active them.

The speaker also has a built-in microphone which allows for hands-free calling while simultaneously listening to music.

MOS Spring lighting cable

5. MOS Spring lighting cable

Strong, high-quality look and feel.

Weight: 91g | Length: 1-10ft

The MOS Spring lighting cable is a high-quality, lightweight but strong lightning cable that comes with a metal spring protecting the most vulnerable part of the cable. The Mos Spring cable also comes with an indestructible jacket meaning you can really put it to the test while ensuring the cable is protected inside and out.

The head of the cable is made from aluminum not only to give added protection to the conductor but to also give it a classy high-quality look and feel.

You can also purchase a micro USB version that is designed in the same way perfect for anyone who doesn’t own an iPhone.

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